Body & Soul


Leather is not only intended for the rustic audience. The Kymo range of leather utilizes a traditional material that undergoes contemporary processes - and the result, an entirely new class of leather. The careful choreography of the finest French cow skin, fused with precise and modern craftsmanship, comes out with a very technical touch. Body & Soul glams up with an elaborate appliqué: peppered with silver and gold flecks, the surface receives a unique look, that adds the right portion of luxury. All rugs are made of single patches with a standard size of 30 x 30cm.



180 x 240 cm, 210 x 210 cm, 210 x 300 cm, 240 x 360 cm, 300 x 390 cm



Available in 5 colours.



Custom sizes available upon request.

Body & Soul carpet 170 x 240 cm

Manufacturer starting list price £3,100.00 Incl.VAT

Living Space price £2,650.00  Incl.VAT

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