The Mashup Collectors

Deconstructing the familiar and reconstructing it in a contemporary context – that’s what THE MASHUP is all about. Quality, handmade oriental rugs serve as the raw material for THE MASHUP which are printed with colour and then rendered a vintage look in several complex, hand-crafted steps – eco-friendly by not using chemical bleaches. The result is in an entirely modern style of carpet. Individually configurable and saturated with a new form of distinction, THE MASHUP rugs tell a modern-day story of deep-rooted respect for tradition and craftsmanship.

For all editions except the PURE EDITION the carpets are then cut and reassembled into a patchwork pattern, and the edges sealed with a rubber solution. Finally, the whole carpet is fitted with a contract use, non-slip, felt-knob back - so it lies on the floor completely flat and straight.

Standard dimensions available: 170x240cm - 200x200cm - 200x300cm - 250x350cm - 300x400cm Custom sizes upon request.

Mashup collectors edition manufacturer starting list price 170x240cm £6,720.00 Incl.VAT

Living Space price -25% £5,040.00 Incl.VAT