Leather insert

Creativity, ideas and personal touches are the basis of this service guaranteeing parquet flooring with colours, details and exclusive effects.

The customer, in collaboration with the design office can design and project a unique flooring mixing our knowledge with different materials such as steel, porcelain, ceramics, textiles or leather.

In close relationship with the customer we develop finishes and plans of installation ad hoc and we produce samples in 24-48 hours aimed at identifying the optimal solution for any home or work space.


Price example: 2 Layers, Rustik finish with 4mm top layer, Plywood birch supporting- colour ref QLT-2R

Living Space Price starting from £385.00 per Sq. mt Incl.VAT


Price example: 2 Layers, Special finish with 4mm top layer, Plywood birch supporting - colour ref QLT-2S

Living Space Price £415.00 per Sq. mt Incl.VAT


Custom panels 65 x 65cm