The Blumun sofa is a prime example of minimal design, elegance and comfort coming together to create a truly uniqe piece of furniture. The Blumun is available with high or low backrests to suit your needs, the feet and underlying frame of the sofa are made of metal with a bronze satin finish. The cushion armrests are fully removable to place anywhere on the sofa allowing you to customise the configuration easily. Many modular elements are available allowing for initial customisation of the sofa, also available with high arms or angular elements. The bench surface elements are always covered in the fabric of your choosing but are also available with a top surface in calacatta oro, eperador and portoro marble or black cowhide. A range of fabric coverings are available and are fully removable as well as the option of various leather coverings whch are not removable.

Blumum sofa (3 seater version) manufacturer starting list price £6,996.00 Incl.VAT (category A fabric) 

Living Space price £5,596.80 Incl.VAT

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