The client contacted our designer after he purchased his new property – enthusiast of its architectural details and willing to design perfect interiors for it.

During the home visit, our designer spoke with the client suggesting the best way to highlight the main features of the house, such as the presence of many windows, and the presence of light, almost physical. The direction to take was to select slim lines products, such as the Larsen sofa by Verzelloni and its very thin aluminium legs, and the Air table and bench by Lago that, with their glass legs, literally disappear against the windows – giving the illusion of floating elements.

The client was very happy with the suggestion, and in fact decided to continue the same style in the following room, the master bedroom. Here the Air Wildwood bed represents the main feature of the room, with its 8 cm thick headboard that functions as a sculptural piece against the white background. The 36e8 wall-mounted modular system by Lago was chosen as sideboard, and its elements were installed in an irregular alignment to personalize the composition.

The client’s main aim was to furnish the main living spaces while keeping the rooms as empty as possible. He chose our Loft open wardrobe system by Olivieri to customize and make the best use of his walk-in wardrobe room. We in fact added an element of Glass wardrobe by Olivieri with mirror doors, to visually expand the size of the room, and being able to store bigger elements such as suitcases.

The result of the design of this apartment is that of a gorgeous and modern flat in the heart of busy London, where to switch off and recharge batteries after a working day and relax in a personalized space.

Bermondsey, LondonA spacious and very light flat right under the roof with a lot of skylights and windows. The desire was to keep it as such and to furnish the living spaces without filling them. For this reason, the designers optioned for pieces with floating effect achieved either by glass legs or sleek aluminium legs and soft features and finishes flattering the already fitted kitchen and oak floor. Storage was solved by fitting a closet room with highly practical walk-in wardrobe system.Read More
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