Design process, concept, goals

- This project was about to create a bright living area and dining area without cluttering the space.

- The client was interested in having something functional, “linear” and minimalistic but, at the same time, to use as much as possible the wall.

- The client wanted the space to look light and bright but also distinctive.


Products introduced: the kitchen is made with 36&8 Kitchen by Lago, the tv composition is made with the Air System by Lago.


Achieved (referred to the points above) and remarks from client:

- A key point is been the use of polished panels and transparent glass. The combination of those elements made sure that the day light passing through the room was not compromised.

- Thanks to the big modularity of our products, we managed to create a well-proportioned but also unique layout. A partial division is been achieved by placing the kitchen island between the two areas.

- Effect achieved using the colour scheme: light grey, pure white and wood.


We are very happy with this project’s outcome and the most remarkable element is been the use, for the whole breakfast bar structure of the exclusive finish wildwood: the client like it so much that wanted also a matching coffee table to complete the room!

WandsworthThis project in the south west area has provided us with yet another wonderful opportunity to prove how well our selection of products fits together in creating light and stylish, yet very practical and exceptional living spaces. The narrow room with wall to ceiling windows leading to a river view combines living area with TV composition and kitchen transcending over the kitchen island into the dining area.Read More
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