The designer and the client worked very closely to achieve the best result. For the Living Room with a triangular plan, the kitchen and dining area were positioned at the entrance where the space is wider. Then a TV area with a two seater sofa, the Larsen by Verzelloni is accompanied by a coffee table (Eolo by Presotto) to give comfort and maintain the lightness of the composition. To complement the corner of the room towards the windows, the Zoe armchair and footstool by Verzelloni, lit by the Inchino floor lamp by Busnelli, created an elegant and cosy reading area for the evenings.

Moving to the bedroom, we chose the Dayona bed by Cinova, for a mattress with the length of 190 cm instead of the standard 200 cm, to be able to fit better in the room. The model was also chosen with a storage in its base, to gain precious storing space.

Other elements, such as the Wing bedsides, the Bonsai table light, the Kelly armchair and the Basica floorlight, completed the room and gave it style.

The industrial look of the flat is maintained in the shape of the window frames and matched to the lights by Renzo Serafini, all with a black iron finish and sleek look.

FULHAM 5, LondonAn industrial space converted to residential apartments in the heart of Fulham. The client asked our advice to make the best use of a space that was originally designed for a different purpose. The challenge was the presence of many angled walls which can represent an obstacle for furniture that typically has a square/rectangular shape in plan.Read More
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