The Air/36e8 kitchen from Lago offers a huge amount of customising from what utilities are incorporated to the amount of storage and what type of storage it is to the individual colouring of each panel from a large selection of finishes. The clean confident curves of two BCN bar stools from Kristalia work well with the design of the kitchen. Moving across to the dining table surrounded by the Steps chairs from Lago made economically from recycled materials to provide a very unique and stylish design without lacking comfort.


In the other room a 36e8 composition has been split into two parts and displayed across a wall providing ample storage space whilst framing the TV nicely with it’s well balanced design making use of the rustic oak WildWood finish and also boasting a small place to set down a laptop and browse the internet, connections for docking are integrated into this part of the composition to allow for seamless and easy use of this workspace.

Hampstead, LondonThis contemporary kitchen maintains clean lines and bold shapes throughout its design using accents of colour in different sections due to the highly customisable designs of our kitchens to suit the client’s wants and needs. The storage composition across the wall in the other room allows for a great deal of storage for books, films and media devices as well as a flap down desk providing a discrete work area.Read More
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