When our interior designer first met the clients, the apartment was still to be completed. We had the chance to discuss and advice on the general style of the house, the colour scheme, the flooring and wall paint colours.

We then carried out a home visit when the building was ready, to take precise measurements and advise on a few elements that needed customization, which we then presented to our partner companies back in Italy.

We met the clients in the studio again, to discuss over drawings and 3D visuals, which gave the clients a much clearer idea in how their home would eventually look like. The 7 Seconds sofa bed by Cinova was the perfect solution for a versatile yet elegant sofa for the living area. The same versatility can be applied to the Nori extendable table by Kristalia, which has three lengths to choose between, to satisfy the client’s needs. A simple touch that of the Zeta glass side table by Sovet, close to the windows to filter the light coming from the outside.

Other storing systems, such as the 36e8 by Lago, the 360 Degrees wardrobe by Olivieri, even the Hydepark bed by Cinova (with storage box) helped solving the need of storage while maintaining at the same time a very elegant and light look.

The Cube4 bedsides by Olivieri were customized in width to fit exactly the niche in the master bedroom.

The general colour scheme was chosen to be very neutral and light, to help the furniture merge with the space enhancing its elegance, yet increasing its functionality.

Hampstead HeathA quiet apartment facing Hampstead Heath park and a client that desired a clean, pleasing and non-cluttering design with a lot of storage in neutral colours. We have applied and successfully combined products from five of our partners to achieve this aim. The living spaces we were asked to design consisted of living area and bedroom.Read More
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