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Design process, concept, goals:

1.this project was about to create in a limited living area space a combination of a relaxing area and a dining area;

2.the client was very much interested in giving to her space a “Japanese”/Zen feeling;

3.the client wanted the space to look as much cohesive as possible considering the existing colour scheme of walls, floor and kitchen but also to introduce something more hearth coloured.

Products introduced: the tv composition is a Air Bookshelf by Lago in Cocco, Fango with wildwood grigio; the coffee table and dining table are the Air Tables, the sofa is a Verzelloni Holden, the rug is a Kymo Studio NYC Pure Edition, the dining chairs are the Lilly chairs from Frag.

Achieved (referred to the points above) and remarks from client:

1.a key point is the big modularity of our products through which I managed to create a well-proportioned layout;

2.effect achieved by using natural elements (the wildwood elements), “calm”/relaxing colours and not-too-high products (the Holden model and the lowest height of the coffee table are example of it);

3.effect achieved using the mentioned colour scheme.

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