A medley of accessories strewn around the home is not to all tastes and here at living space we offer ideal solutions in the form of luxury contemporary storage. Whilst browsing the collection online you will notice immediately that many furniture items make faultless focal pieces. The stylish Swing dressing table/tallboy for example will provide you with a large space for storage inside its luxurious velvet lined drawers whilst bedside tables from the Edward collection ooze a luxurious oak finish opening via a push mechanism. The common denominator with all of our contemporary storage lies in the look, feel and ability to hold numerous items.

Manufactured in Italy, our range of drawer units seamlessly combines stylish design with functional solutions including rotatable drawer units, recessed handles and soft closing mechanisms. Units come in a range of sizes and colours to suit your needs and are made from quality materials such as glass and oak, complementing any contemporary storage needs for the bedroom environment.

Designs provide visually stunning and inspirational aesthetics alongside maximum practicality and versatility. Many of our contemporary storage units consist of multiple pieces, which can be arranged and positioned in a number of different ways, allowing you to create a unique look in keeping with the style and layout of your bedroom.

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