36e8 Bathroom


The 36e8 module, originally designed for the living room, is now also the base for bathroom storage. Available with drawers, flap downs or swing door. The storage units can be fully integrated with the gently curved single or double 36e8 glass basin, designed to merge together perfectly. Available in a vast range of materials, hues, and finishes, the 36e8 lets you create infinite compositions tailored to your space and your personality.



LSP offers a free professional home design consultation to help you create a composition that fully meets your needs. Please contact us to book your home visit with one of our qualified interior designers.



Lacquered, matt or polished glass or wood front finishes all avaialble in a range of different colours.




The modular system allows infinite combinations for itself with length increments as small as 36.8 cm.


LSP offers a professional home design service to create the best solution tailored for each client. Please contact Living Space to book your appointment with one of our fully qualified interior designers.


Prices from £3,500.00 incl.VAT

Less 25% £2,625.00 incl.VAT

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