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The Berlin-based studio Läufer & Keichel has created a chair and an armchair for Kristalia with soft, embracing lines.‎ The name recalls the number two, which recurs throughout the design project starting with the two elliptical surfaces of the seat and backrest, which sensually revolves around the seat.‎ Available with a slide-frame base or with four solid wood legs, the chair and armchair can be upholstered with the fabrics and leather in the catalogue, with the option of different upholstery for the seat and backrest to create contrasting or matching combinations.‎ The chair and armchair designed by the Berlin-based studio Läufer & Keichel come in threes.‎ Three different backrest versions are available – small, large and large with armrests.‎ A greater choice of bases: in addition to the slide frame and four solid wood legs, metal legs, a swivel trestle and a trestle on castors are now available.‎ Dua also comes in a stool version with a slide-frame base.‎



Without armrests: W 47 x D 53 x H 81 cm

With armrests: W 58 x D 53 x H 81 cm



A range of 7 groups of fabric, 1 group of eco-leather and 3 groups of leather. Each one in several different colours.



Customers can provide their own fabric or leather, subject to suitability test.


Prices from £969.00 incl.VAT

Less 25% £727.00 incl.VAT

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