Maniglia Centoundici

Ceiling light in black iron finish, with adjustable 2 or 3 spotlights. 


The Maniglia Centoundici at 100 - 120 cm with 2 halogen bulbs is priced at £739 Incl. VAT

LSP Promotion £628 Incl.VAT

The Maniglia Centoundici at 180 - 200 cm with 3 halogen bulbs is priced at £887 Incl. VAT

LSP Promotion £754 Incl.VAT

The Maniglia Centoundici LED at 100 - 120 cm Excl. bulbs but takes 2 is priced at £713 Incl. VAT

LSP Promotion £606 Incl.VAT

The Maniglia Centoundici LED at 180 - 200 cm Excl. bulbs but takes 3 is priced at £845 Incl. VAT

LSP Promotion £718 Incl.VAT


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- W:100/200 x H10 cm