Air low table

The Air is a series of tables available in many dimensions and finishes. Combines very well with the Air sofa from Lago. 


List price for the  AIR table starts at £344.00 Incl. VAT

Living Space Price £275.00 Incl.VAT


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AIR coffee table:

W78.2 x D36.8 x H31-44.4 cm

W78.2 x D73.6 x H31-44.4 cm

W82.8 x D82.8 x H31-44.4 cm

W92 x D92 x H31-44.4 cm

W110.4 x D55.2 x H31-44.4 cm

W110.4 x D110.4 x H31-44.4 cm

W147.2 x D78.2 x H31-44.4 cm