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Vertical panelling creates a sense of rhythm and alters the status quo, moving away from the traditional perception of storage space. Hidden behind is a patented opening built to stand the test of time. The option to customise each individual panel means you can create limitless chromatic moods – the perfect expression of everything N.O.W. stands for: “Not Only White”. Clear, bronzed-effect glass doors with accent lighting give the item stored behind them a warm glow and sense of importance, creating a playful aesthetic in which the furniture’s display and storage functions interact.


Family of compositions, available in different sizes and shapes.
Available widths: 71.8 / 92,8 / 115,8 / 142,8 / 163,8 / 184,8 / 207,8 / 230,8 / 255,8 / 276,8 / 299,8 cm.
Available depths: 40,6 cm.
Available heights: 64.8 / 92.4 / 94,1 / 106 / 129,2 / 130,9 / 142,8 / 167,7 / 179,6 cm.
LSP offers a professional home design consultation to help you create a composition that fully meets your needs. Please contact us to book your appointment with one of our qualified interior designers.


Lacquered, matt or polished glass, all in different colours.
Base in tempered glass or graphite steel.
Unique "X-Glass" Marbled/Metal/Wood & Home Couture patterns available in polished or matt glass


Optional LED lighting.
Can be floor or wall mounted.

Composition prices from £2,410.00

LSP offers a professional home design service to create the best solution tailored for each client. Please contact Living Space to book your appointment with one of our fully qualified interior designers.

TEL: 0207 731 1180