Et Voila sideboard


Custom system, available in any size, starting from:

W. 110,4 cm x D. 31,8 x H. 36,8 cm.

Widths available between 110,4 and 423,2 cm.

Depths available 31,8 / 45,4 cm.

Heights available between 36,8 and 270 cm.



Lacquered structure, Fabric shutter, all available in different colours.



Upholstered sides.

Integration with Linea shelving system.

Freedom of internal subdivision.



Et Voilà is a new storage system born from the desire to revise the container paradigm, domestic and otherwise, and introduce new ways for making the most of furniture. A taut piece of fabric encloses and creates a space, completely eliminating the perception of shutters. The classic shutters in paint and glass have disappeared and in their place one finds a single shutter, as long as the whole of the structure. Extremely customisable, Et Voilà works in every room of the house. Large number of dimensions available in width,depth and height allowing the system to fit most spaces for different uses. Various fabric finishes available for sides and front.

Et Voila sideboard manufacturer starting list price £7,336.00 Incl.VAT

Living Space Annual Sale -30% £5,135.20 Incl.VAT

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