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Air Soft Slim


Soft, supple forms with the sophisticated modular build of the Air Soft Slim system: this is a highly developed product which is made using extremely long-lasting materials and with a layer of selected, certified goose down positioned inside all upholstered elements, it is ultra-comfy and inviting. The aluminium frame technology and patented coupling mechanisms for the seats and brand-new slim backrests allow you to create infinite configurations in just a few simple steps, giving you the freedom to build your own composition. Various chaise longues and open modules along with the single back elements allow you to create a unique tailored composition. The supports, available in clear tempered glass or metal, give an ethereal, innovative stamp to any space that is home to the Air Soft Slim Sofa.



Sofa widths: 187,6 / 224,4 / 261,2 / 298,0 / 316,3 / 334,8 / 371,6 / 408,4 / 426,8 cm

Seat height: 46cm

Seat depth: 103cm

Chaise longue widths: 82.8 / 92 / 110.4 / 128.8 cm

Chaise longue depth: 147.2cm


LSP offers a free professional home design consultation to help you create a composition that fully meets your needs.



A range of 8 fabric groups, 1 group of leather and 1 group of eco-leather available.



Slim backrest structures can turn into armrests anytime.

From £7,900.00 


TEL: 0207 731 1180