W. 108 cm x D. 120 x H. 72 cm.

Available in 4 sizes. XL size Dimensions W. 133 cm x D. 120 x H. 72 cm.

Available as chaise longue. W. 108 cm x D. 170 x H. 72 cm.



A range of 19 fabric groups each one in different colours, 4 groups of leather each one in different colours.

Outdoor upholstery available

Punto Cavallo custom stitching available in 11 colours on suitable fabrics.



Customers can provide their own fabric, subject to suitability test.



Zoe is a family of informal but elegant chairs, chaise longues and poufs in various sizes. Zoe takes the shape of the user’s body through hundreds of micro-beads. Light in weight makes the Zoe easy to move from place to place ideal for a cinema room / snug room or outdoor seating.
It is built with no supporting frame, is shaped by a 100% Twill cotton cover, and made with 5 separate chambers, containing expanded pearls. Each chamber is made with a zip equipped with a safety pocket making re-filling an easy task. Zoe family is available with different kinds of high quality covers - leather and fabric in assorted colours. Covers are completely removable. This model can also be used for the permanent outdoors. Zoe baby / Zoe small / Zoe large / Zoe XL / Zoe chaise longue, Zoe pouffs (various sizes and shapes) complete this model.

Zoe large W:108cm, D:120cm manufacturer list price from £1,890.00 

Living Space Annual Sale -30% £1,323.00 Incl.VAT

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