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NEW Zoe More


ZOE MORE comes from the history and experience of the ZOE armchair, presented for the first time in 2006 and become a design icon in just a few years. The characteristic of Zoe is the structure made with expanded polystyrene pearls, the characteristic of ZOE MORE is the structure made of self-supporting polyurethane and polyester fiber Ball type mixed with Rhombo-fill®. The different structure ensures the elegance and sense of proportion that has made the success of ZOE in all these years and offers a different seating comfort and complementary to the ZOE original. The collection consists of XL, Large, Small armchairs, Chaise Longue and various poufs. According to upholstery cover is provided in three finishes: Visible Seams, Classical Stitching or with “Punto Cavallo” stitching. We do not recommend fabrics that are too thin. The ZOE MORE collection has completely removable cover and can be equipped with Argo table. The measures shown, being built with "mobile" material, are indicative.



Available chair widths: 133 (XL) / 108 (large / 88 (small) cm

Height 72cm

Depth 120 cm

Zoe Chaise longue W 108 x D 170 x H 72 cm



A range of 38 fabric groups and 5 groups of leathers.

Outdoor upholstery available.

Punto Cavallo custom stitching available in 11 colours on suitable fabrics.



Customers can provide their own fabric, subject to suitability test.


Prices from £2,357.30 incl.VAT

Less 25% £1,767.97 incl.VAT

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