The Air Shelf is part of a whole Air System that includes beds,tables and sofas.It is a bookcase made up of shelves or 36e8 containers suspended on sheets of glass. The hefty thickness of the shelves and volume of the containers contrast with the lightness of the glass weight-bearing structure, inverting the normal order of factors. Air has two faces, and so it can even be set up in the centre of the room, where it makes the space light and luminous, without any of the heaviness of traditional bookcases. These images show the use of the Linea, Air, 36e8 and soft swing to show what is achievable by using a colaboration of these systems which all fit together seamlessly to create unique compositions.

 Air bed price starts at £2,120 Incl. VAT (excl. mattress)

LSP Promotion £1,802 Incl.VAT


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