Fluttua floating bed examples


Your children will love you for ever more......

Fluttua is the first suspended bed in the world that challenges the force of gravity, making the dream of sleeping while floating in the air a reality. A single central support, the height of which can be adjusted, supports the frame and the innovative HPL base, which is invisible to the eye. The design aids cleanliness and hygiene, with no bulk outside the mattress and no rigid obstacles to limit the flow of the space in the room. Thanks to the painstaking engineering of the design, the bed can be installed on various kinds of wall and plasterboard, and strict testing ensures absolute safety for the sleeper.



Available for mattress size 100 / 120 / 150 / Q152 / 160 / 180 / K193 x 200 cm

Adjustable height 27.5 - 42.5 cm



Headboard available upholstered (a range of 8 fabric groups, 2 groups of leather and 1 group of eco-leather, each one in different colours) in wildwood or agewood / haywood.



The wildwood headboard can have closed or recessed heads.

Optional under frame light.

Bed Prices start at £1,800.00 incl.VAT

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