Air Desk & Shelving


Air floating table is our most popular home office desk available in many finishes and dimensions. Free standing Air shelving or the wall mounted Linea shelving compliment the desk for your storage requirements. The Air shelving system is extremely modular that can be adapted for small home office's or large boardrooms. Shelves of 5 or 8cm in thickness lacquered in over 30 colours or natural wood 9 finishes The glass supports (10 heights) that support the Air shelves have been load tested up to 4500kg.




W 110.4 / 147.2 / 184.0 x D 70 cm

W 110.4 / 147.2 / 184.0 x D 85 cm

W 120 / 160 / 190 x D 90 cm

W 200 / 220 / 250 x D 100 cm

W 250 / 300 x D 120 cm


Shelves come in a huge number of standard dimensions



LSP offers a professional home design consultation to help you create a composition that fully meets your needs. Please contact us to book your home visit with one of our qualified interior designers.



Lacquered (32 colours), wildwood / agewood / haywood, polished glass (32 colours), Xglass, laminate, Fenix-NTM®

Supports in extra clear tempered glass.



Closed or recessed heads available on Wildwood desk top models.

Glass insert built-in flush to top available on Lacquered desk top models.

The desk top can be reduced in width or depth.


Prices from £4,102.00 incl.VAT

Less 25% £3,076.00 incl.VAT

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