InclinART system


InclinART is a modular furniture system that changes the underlying rules of how a unit is constructed. Its axis becomes variable and the depths of the tops change with it, resulting in a new way of perceiving volumes: the tops are no longer parallel with the wall but slant towards the onlooker who can enjoy the new perspectives that result from the differing degrees of inclination. The actual space changes, as does the way it is perceived, but storage capacities remain unvaried for an indispensable bonus based on purely rational criteria. InclinART system offers a large selection of units with different types of openings all in a vast range of finishes.



LSP offers a professional home design consultation to help you create a composition that fully meets your needs. Please contact us to book your appointment with one of our qualified interior designers.



Matt lacquered, glossy lacquered, metallic lacquered, Eco-malta, stone, color wood, oak or walnut wood, glass, all available in many different colours. Corten, Panneggio drape steel.



The modular system allows infinite combinations for itself fitting to every living space.

Composition prices start at £2,500.00 incl.VAT
LSP offers a professional home office design service to create the best solution tailored for each client.
Please contact Living Space to book your appointment with one of our fully qualified interior designers.

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