Thin-K is a collection of both extendable  / fixed tables with a narrow 6 mm thick table top that appears to be suspended in the air. The Thin-K design also considers the environment and it is made of 100% recyclable materials. A range of lacquered glass, aluminium and wooden finished are available.

Price example:

Thin-k table W.170cm D.90cm (Lacquered top & legs)  recommended retail price £1878.00

Living Space Price £1502.00   Incl.VAT


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(Please note that not all dimensions are available in every material).


Available dimensions (Extendable):

- W.123 - (163-203) x D.80 x H.75cm

- W.150 - (190-230) x D.80 x H.75cm

- W.170 - (210-250) x D.90 x H.75cm

- W.200 - (240-280) x D.100 x H.75cm


Available dimensions (Fixed):

80cm Depth:

- W.80 x D.80 x H.75cm

- W.123 x D.80 x H.75cm

- W.150 x D.80 x H.75cm

90cm Depth:

- W.170 x D.90 x H.75cm

100cm Depth

- W.200 x D.100 x H.75cm

- W.220 x D.100 x H.75cm

- W.240 x D.100 x H.75cm

- W.260 x D.100 x H.75cm

- W.280 x D.100 x H.75cm

- W.295 x D.100 x H.75cm

120cm Depth:

- W.240 x D.120 x H75cm

- W.260 x D.120 x H75cm

- W.280 x D.120 x H75cm

- W.295 x D.120 x H75cm