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Mono Metal


The solid wood foot is cut from a trunk and positioned asymmetrically. In the cut out tabletop, the column shows its lively natural features such as dry cracks and growth rings. The tabletop rustical has a hand-flattering surface with a naturally pronounced pattern. In contrast, the trunk stands on a rectangular base plate made of powder-coated steel or oiled crude steel with deliberately visible production traces. A selectable extension board offers the possibility of extending the table in order to extend the table for spontaneous guests. Strong character and honest natural features characterise this impressive dining table.



Width available: 90 or 100 cm.

Length available:180 / 200 / 220 / 240 cm.

Height available: 76 cm.



Top and trunk available in a range of 3 groups of woods each one in different shades and finish (natural, oiled, smoked, burned).

Base is powder coated.



Prices from £5,821.00 incl.VAT

Less 25% £4,366.00 incl.VAT

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