The Alfred table offers a combination of rustic and contemporary styles in it's asthetics, it's thin 8mm thick straight sheeted steel structure available in grey or black support the heavier and natural looking 5cm thick top crafted from quality oak over a honeycombe structure, available in 3 finishes. This table looks great with matching benches or elegant dining chairs depending on your preference.

Price example:

Alfred table W.180cm D.100cm H.75cm (Oak top)  recommended retail price £2808.00

Living Space Price £2246.00   Incl.VAT

Alfred bench W.180cm D.40cm H.46.8cm (Oak top)  recommended retail price £1368.00

Living Space Price £1094.00   Incl.VAT


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ALFRED table:

W180 x D100 x H75 cm

W240 x D100 x H75 cm

W300 x D100 x H75 cm


ALFRED bench:

W180 x D40 x H46.8 cm

W240 x D40 x H46.8 cm

W300 x D40 x H46.8 cm