Design process, concept, goals

-The goal for this project was to create a fully functional kitchen in a house extension.

-The client was interested in having something functional and “vibrant” and that was going to blend perfectly with the style of the rest of the property.

-The client was particularly interested in optimising as much as possible the storage capacity and worktop area but without cluttering the space.


Products introduced: the kitchen is made with 36&8 Kitchen by Lago


Achieved (referred to the points above) and remarks from client:

- Thanks to the Lago cabinets modularity, we have managed to “blend” the layout of the kitchen to the new area of the house.

- The big rage of colours and finishes available in our contemporary kitchen made sure that our project had the right vibe. The overall colours scheme selected is made using a plain white that, as plain canvas, gave the perfect opportunity for introducing the right splashes of colours (sun yellow, red, orange and green).

- The 36e8 kitchen from Lago offers a huge number of modules and, in this specific case, the use of columns optimised the storage capacity at its maximum level. The worktop space is maximised by introducing an island that, thanks to the transparent glass support beneath it, allowed the design not to eat into the area too much by having to heavy a presence in the middle of the room.


The clients were – and still are – enjoying their kitchen area, that, with its colourful panels, brings a sense of happiness every time they walk in!

Downshire Hill kitchenA kitchen in Downshire Hill, London which shows one of the many features of our Lago kitchens: the colors. A house extension that needed some vibrancy but also functionality. Read More
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