Design process, concept, goals

- This project is about introducing a new Tv Composition in the living area: the main wall needed a complete change of setting.

- The client is interested in having something highly functional in order to accommodate various devices.

- The client is interested in maximising the storage space by using as much as possible the wall available.


Products introduced: the project is made with our Olivieri Cube5 tv system.


Achieved (referred to the points above) and remarks from client:

- A key point is been the use of a complete different system compared to what the client used to have before.

- Effect achieved using the right storage bottom units and the tv panelling.

- The Cube 5 system from Lago offers a huge number of modules and, in this specific case, the use of wall units optimised the storage capacity at its maximum level.


The clients were – and still are – enjoying their new tv room, that, with its stunning “wooden feature”, brings a sense of cosiness every time they walk in!

Tv compositionOur work in this room has provided us with another wonderful opportunity to prove how well our modular systems can assist in creating stylish and very practical TV compositions.Read More
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