Design process, concept, goals

-This project was about introducing new products in the living area and dining area without cluttering the space or clashing with the client’s existing furniture.

-The client was interested in having a relaxing, elegant and minimalistic look.

-The client was also interested in creating a new bed composition for one of his bedrooms.


Products introduced: in the living room is been used a Larsen Sofa by Verzelloni and a Kymo Rug. The dining area is made with an Air Table and Dangla chairs both by Lago. The bedroom has a Fluttua Bed by Lago, 36&8 Nightstads by Lago and Sola Piccola Pendant Lights by Renzo Serafini.


Achieved (referred to the points above) and remarks from client:

- A key point is been the use of transparent glass and sleek metal legs. The combination of those elements made sure that the day light passing through the room was not compromised. In particular, the table with its bold top that compliments the design of the room but still allows a feeling of openness you would not get from other tables.

- Effect achieved using the colour scheme: light grey fabric (for the sofa), matt lacquered grey (for the dining table), black and beige (for the dining chairs), pearl grey-silver (for the rug).

- The bed space has once again been kept light and roomy by use of the Fluttua Bed that, alongside with the floating nightstands, gives the appearance of floating when observed. The lightness effect of the bottom is perfectly balanced by the two small lights pending from the ceiling.


We are very happy with this project’s outcome and we are aware that one of the most appreciated elements is been the highly textured rug that “keeps together” the new with the existing furniture (a very important aspect for the clients). The sleek but the very comfortable sofa didn’t hurt either!

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