Just outside of the kitchen area the Air dining table in a matt lacquer finish has been used in partnership with the Dangla chairs both supplied by our partner Lago, the tables bold top in grey compliments the design of the room but still allows a feeling of openness you would not get from other tables, the Dangla chairs provide a comfortable seating solution.


In the seating area we have an L-Composition of the Larsen sofa from Verzelloni, this sofa’s sleek and light design lifted off the ground by its discrete but distinct metal frame further encouraging the theme of airiness throughout the property, this sofa however sleek it may appear however does not lack in comfort.


This seating space is accessorised with a Kymo rug, the use of high quality materials and different techniques allow for this highly texturised two-tone finish.
Moving into the bedroom the space has once again been kept light and roomy by use of the Fluttua Bed by Lago which gives the appearance of floating when observed and two wall hung 36e8 units. Two low hanging Sola Picola light fittings from Renzo Serafini finish of the space perfectly.

Kensington GardensThis open plan living space accents the ability of our designers in bringing a unique space together by utilising designs from our different partners and working in the clients existing furniture whilst using the natural qualities of the space to their benefit.Read More
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