Design process, concept, goals

-Our partners Lago have conquered the world with their disctinctive brand of ultra modern furniture and cutting edge sustainable materials.

-Lago were the chosen partners to provide kitchens, bathrooms and furniture for living and sleeping spaces.

-A critical factor in their selection was Lago’s pioneering product XGlass which replicates the appearance of precious materials without consuming natural resources  


Lago products specified: 


Individually designed and specified from the 36e8 range



Kera Washbasin

Depth Washbasin

36e8 Vanity units



36e8 drawer units

Air bed

Materia Sideboard

Air bedside tables


Dining Spaces

Air dining table

Dangla dining chair

Steps Bar stools


Living Spaces

Air sofa

Air Soft sofa

Materia Sideboard

36e8 Sideboard

Pleasure low table

Air sofabed

Bespoke Air workstation

Brooklyn Passive House ApartmentsUK apartment dwellers, let our design team help you replicate the decor from this prestigious, sustainable and utterly beautiful Passive House project in Brooklyn NY by our close partners Lago. Get in touch today and our design team will take care of everything for you. To see more from this project visit Lago online Read More
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