Design process, concept, goals

-The major goal for this project was to create an aesthetical result that wasn’t going to compromise the unique and special nature of this home.

-The client was interested in having something functional, “neutral” and minimalistic and, at the same time, timeless.

-The client was interested in providing each bedroom with a feature product.


Products introduced: the kitchen and dining area is made with 36&8 Kitchen by Lago, Bella Stools by Frag, Air Table by Lago, Dangla Dining Chairs by Lago. Main products of the lounge/sitting area are the Holden Sofa by Verzelloni, Brio Coffee Table by Presotto, i-modulArt & inclinArt tv composition by Presotto, Studio Pearl Rug by Kymo. Main products used around the bedrooms are Fluttua Bed by Lago, 36&8 Floating Nightstands, Zero Bed by Presotto, Punto Side Tables by Presotto. Various lights products from Renzo Serafini have been introduced around the whole property.


Achieved (referred to the points above) and remarks from client:

- A key point is been the use of “floating” structures and transparent glass. The combination of those elements made sure that the day light passing through the windows was not compromised.

- Thanks to the super simplistic contemporary aesthetic of our products, the whole property is now furnished in a timeless and spotless way. The overall colours scheme selected, made of neutrals and warm tones, also helped.

- The goal is been achieved thanks to two unique models of bed: one round and the other one "floating".


We are very proud with this project’s outcome and the most remarkable feedback we could have had from the client is to have been fully trusted in managing the whole project by working on architectural plans.

ReadingOur work in this Reading - Berkshire - property has provided us with another wonderful opportunity to prove how well our selection of products from our various partners fits together in creating light and stylish, yet very practical and highly comfortable spaces.Read More
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