Design process, concept, goals

-The major challenge for this project was to create a fully functional kitchen is a quite unique space made of niches and recesses.

-The client was interested in having something functional, “neutral” and clean and that was not going to compromise the retro style of the rest of the property.

-The client was particularly interested in optimising as much as possible the worktop area but without cluttering the space.


Products introduced: the kitchen is made with 36&8 Kitchen by Lago


Achieved (referred to the points above) and remarks from client:

- Thanks to the huge Lago cabinets modularity, we have managed to “blend” the layout of the kitchen to the various structural pillars and beams.

- The contemporary designs of our partner made sure that our project fitted into the well established household in the sense of style, the kitchen here works well with both the more retro designs of the rugs and furnishings of the house and the clean lines of the existing architecture. The overall colours scheme selected, made of pure whites, of course helped.

- The worktop space is maximised and the transparent glass support beneath it allowed the design not to eat into the room too much by having to heavy a presence in the middle of the room. This kitchen also allows all appliances to be neatly tucked away into the lines of the composition itself.


We are very proud with this project’s outcome: this project is been selected by our Italian Partners to features in all the worldwide Lago catalogues. We couldn’t have had a better feedback. The client felt – and still does – feel very proud of her kitchen!

Finchley London KitchenA kitchen in Westminster, London which shows the real meaning of a “tailored-at-millimeter” project: a challenging space made of structural restrictions and an “unique” floor plan.Read More
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