Distance is no barrier to getting the Living Space & Partners look in your home, we have everything in place to make the interior of your dreams happen without a hitch and you’ll receive the same AWARD WINNING suite of services enjoyed by our UK customers...

• Free professional interior design service performed in every detail expertly and virtually

• Latest Designs from Italy’s most desired luxury brands, many that you won’t find anywhere else

• Lowest prices possible thanks to our privileged direct trading partnerships 

• Should you require we have a team of expert installation technicians with overseas experience


We’d love to hear about your plans so to discuss your options in more detail please call us on +44 (0) 20 3808 5110 or complete the appointment booking form at the foot of this page 


LIVING SPACE MIDDLE EAST 1 Bed Apartment Join the growing number of Middle East residents turning to Living Space & Partners to transform their homes into timeless contemporary living spaces... Tap to learn more Read More
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