Starting in living area, to the niches on both sides of the fireplace we’ve placed a horizontal library New York by Olivieri which comes in different colours and sizes and its structural spacers in dark grey powder coated steel in combination with thick shelves made with innovative honeycomb technology and wooden finish makes for very clean and distinct look.

Over an already owned white sofa, we have coupled the libraries with a sideboard Thelma by Olivieri in the same wooden finish for the cabinets and clear glass door in metal frames in the same dark grey finish as the New York spacers.

Above the sideboard is a composition of three Debarked Shelves by Olivieri. The colour of stained wooden finish is kept in same colour as the sideboard. Name of the shelves is also a description of their main aesthetical feature, as even though they are made using the very practical honeycomb technology, their edge is lipped with massive oak coming from an edge of a rough sawn timber plank striped of its bark and keeping the natural shape of the tree trunk. Same shelves are used in the corridor.


Debarked finish of the edge is used also on the Alfred dining table by Olivieri in combination with metal sheets for legs. The table is beset by six Bella chairs and two Bella armchairs by Frag in dark brown leather. Above the dining table are three pendant lights by Renzo Serafini.


The bed is Omega by Presotto and the armchair is Zoe by Verzelloni. Finishing fabrics of these pieces were carefully chosen producing samples and comparing them with the existing carpet and finish of the walls. The bedside tables are Martin by Olivieri in dark wood finish, carrying the finish throughout all the rooms.


The tricky part of our focus in the main living area was to maintain the symmetricity and evenness of the space around the central structural column and fireplace while at the same time furnishing the room with a sideboard and shelving for storage.

The Thelma sideboard by Olivieri with its glass door with thin metal frame and dark structure coupled with support less Debarked shelves evened out the depth of the windows on the opposite side of the room and the New York Shelves brought the attention away from the unevenness of the niches to the the sides of the fireplace. As a main yet final touch, the dining table with chairs and lighting brought the whole composition together.

PooleDorset is lovely in the spring and so it was a great pleasure working on this project in April this year. We have arrived into a settled household where couple of areas needed a design update and some aesthetical boost to bring out the spaciousness of the main living space. We have also provided a new bed and a sofa for the main bedroom and cosied up the corridors with shelves. The appeal was to bringing together neat and clean look with timber which we have answered by using dark stained oak finish.Read More
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