Design process, concept, goals

-This project was about introducing new products in the dining area without cluttering the space or clashing with the client’s existing furniture.

-The client was interested in having a relaxing, elegant and minimalistic look.

-The client was interested in having a cohesive look for this specific area of the house.


Products introduced: the dining area is made with an Air Table and Dangla chairs, an Air Bookshelf compositiom and a 36&8 sideboard, everythingby Lago.


Achieved (referred to the points above) and remarks from client:

- A key point is been the use of transparent glass and sleek metal legs. The combination of those elements made sure that the day light passing through the room was not compromised. In particular, the table with its bold top that compliments the design of the room but still allows a feeling of openness you would not get from other tables.

- Effect achieved using the colour scheme made of different shades of grey and some "natural" elements (the table surface and one of the bookcase shelf).

- Effect achieved using only one of our suppliers i.e. Lago which offers the most complete range of products adequate to "dress" the whole house.


We are very happy with this project’s outcome and we are aware that one of the most appreciated elements is been the use of the wooden elements that “keeps together” the look of the room (a very important aspect for the clients):a light wildwood finish was used on the surface of the table giving a clean edged but rustic textured finish, this carried over to the mid shelf on the Air shelving system to the edge of the room whilst contrasting with the matt lacquer finish on the other shelves and the 36e8 sideboard.  

Teddington Lock - Dining AreaOur work in this Teddington - south London - property has provided us with another wonderful opportunity to prove how well our selection of products from our various partners fits together in creating light and stylish, yet very practical and highly comfortable living space.Read More
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